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Participating Servers

The MCAlagaesia Network

MCAlagaesia is a work-in-progress open world MMO RPG of Christopher Paolini's world of Alagaesia recreated faithfully in Minecraft, complete with all towns and cities as well as numerous new gameplay mechanics such as magic, quests and dragon riding.

The MCAlagaesia Network is also home to a creative server where players may apply for a builder position on the staff team with huge 64x64 block plots and full WorldEdit permissions.

For those in the community who are not interested in applying for builder, The MCAlagaesia Network offers a survival server, intended as a place to hang out with friends, staff (on their off-time, of course!) and members of the community until MCAlagaesia is finished. The vanilla based server encourages working together as a community with a close-knit spawn town and no extra plugins, like vanilla Minecraft was intended.

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While TreeboMC is a relatively new server – opened in June of 2018 – it offers players with a plethora of varying game-modes to experience, complete with full Discord integration (fortified by an in-game chat channel so you can communicate even when AFK!). With game-modes ranging from the standard, yet enhanced common-place experiences expected on any fully-realised Minecraft server, to unique game-modes and challenges, TreeboMC supports every playstyle!

Join us in Survival or Hardcore, as we play Minecraft as intended with plugins to support an enhanced experience, or express your creativity on our Creative Plots (all 128x128 worth!) and Freebuild game-modes. For those in need of a challenge, Skyblock and Acid Island present themselves as a break from traditional experiences. No matter your playstyle, you’re welcome at TreeboMC!

Whether you’re a Minecraft veteran or newcomer, TreeboMC always has something for you to do! With consistent updates and upgrades, our server offers a dynamic experience that values user ideas and suggestion. Whether it’s our custom builds by our resident Build Team, the varying experiences that all of our game-modes have to offer, or the friendly staff that work tirelessly to uphold our standards, come by and see whats new at TreeboMC today!

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Pixel Acres

Pixel Acres is a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server with Survival, Towny, Skyblock, and Creative worlds. It opened in July 2015, and has been through name changes, and world resets, until it turned into a network of ever-growing servers with friendly playerbases, and unique ideas.

Our Survival world is infinite, with grief prevention and dynmap, along with in game radio and custom achievements!

Towny has a 50,000x50,000 worldborder, with towns located around the map as well, to help you get set up.

Creative has 150x150 sized plots, so you can let your imagination run wild!

Our Skyblock world is your normal, run of the mill Skyblock challenge. Or is it...?

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The Kingdom of Rewheim has expanded to new lands, and is always looking for new recruits. Our land is highly occupied by mythical beasts, native tribesmen, and many more unwanted inhabitants. The fight against these has lasted for many years, and there is no end in sight. Join the Kingdom today to learn how to do magic, become any race decide, start a guild, and much more! The king awaits your arrival. Fulfil your destiny by joining play.rewheim.net.

Rewheim was started as a world on Pixel Acres in 2017, but later in 2018 moved to be its own server to accommodate more unique plugins and players. Quests are located around the world, and multiple NPCs - some friendly, others not - can be found everywhere. Rewheim is a world to make your own, and there is always something new to explore.

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Govindas Limework

Govindas Limework is a custom minigame server with sandbox games too! We focus on unique, interactive and own-made games. The community is still growing, but we already have more than 5000 unique players! We're focussing on making people stay on the server.

We offer:

  • - 16+ unique minigames, from Checkers to Castle wars!
  • Frequent updates, based on the ideas of our community. We often add fun and small extra's to the server! (sometimes even daily)
  • Friendly community without swearing and aggression!
  • Non-kick AFK system, where you spawn in a lagless house.

Our games:

  • Sandbox survival games: Friendly Survival (non-PvP and slightly modded), Old-School Survival (based on Alpha 1.2 - Beta 1.7.3), Creative World (plot) and The Mining Camp (prison-like game).

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MelonCraft is one of the servers participating in Minecrafters for Charity

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